Technology Services

Digital Humanities Pilot Program

Are you interesting in trying out the latest and greatest digital tools for Humanities research and teaching? Then Trinity Technology Services' pilot program is for you.

Any Trinity College of Arts and Sciences faculty or student can request a digital tool for the pilot program. The requester will work with TTS staff to figure out how best to deploy the desired digital tool, which is then guarenteed to be accessible for at least a year. How a digital tool is deployed and to whom will be different for each tool. During the year, TTS staff and the requester will assess the usefulness and long-term sustainablity of the digital tool to determine if it can be supported beyond the pilot program.

If you are interested in using a digital tool that currently is part of the pilot program or have a new tool that you would like to explore using, please contact

Lentil is an application for harvesting and displaying images and videos from Instagram based on hashtags
Social Feed Manager
Social Feed Manger is an application for harvesting tweets by Twitter users, locations, and hashtags