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Edit a Block

Your site may have content Blocks within pages and/or on your home page that you can edit*. To determine if a region contains a block and, if so, how to edit it:

  1. Log in to your site
  2. Put your cursor over the text and look in the upper-right corner of the text area to see if you have a small, circular "gear" icon. If you do, this is an edit-able Block.
  3. Click the "gear" and select "Configure block"
  4. You can then edit your Block, similar to editing any other page
  5. Click "Save block" at the bottom of the page

*Note: Some blocks are not editable by site editors; for example, views, which cannot be administered by the site editor role, can be expressed as blocks. If you have questions about a specifc block, please contact

Block-specific fields

Block title is a heading that displays above the block when rendered on the page. Entering <none> in this field will prevent any title from showing.

Block description is a brief description of the block, and only used on the Blocks administration page.

Block body contains the main content, and allows you to format the text; use the icons in the toolbar to make style changes to the content — such as make text bold or italic, add bulleted or numbered lists, change the text alignment, etc.

Region settings control where - in what region - the block is displayed.

Visibility settings control where - on what page(s) - the block is displayed.