Technology Services

Data Backup & Recovery

Trinity Technology Services protects users from data loss due to accidental file deletion or corruption by backing up file servers daily.

Trinity Technology Services will make every effort to restore data accidentally lost from Trinity Technology Services servers based on the following considerations (note that restore time varies depending on how long the file has been missing or corrupted):

  • Daily disk-based snapshots: Daily replicae of directories are accessible for a period of up to two weeks. These snapshots are stored on servers and do not require mounting tapes. File restore time: within 1 business day.
  • Daily tape-based backups: Trinity Technology Services retains a daily stream of backups on tape for a period of three months. File restore time: within 2 business days.
  • Monthly tape-based backups: Trinity Technology Services retains monthly copies of all server-based data for a period of one year. File restore time: within 7 business days.

To request restoration of a lost file or directory, the user should submit a request through the Help Desk. The request should include as much identifying information as possible, including the server, directory and specific file name; when the file was lost; and, if possible, when the file was created and last modified.