Technology Services

Data Storage & Archiving

Data Storage

All employees of Trinity College are provided with home directories for data storage on network-based file servers.   These servers are accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, whether at Duke or off-campus.

Shared data storage directories for administrative use are also available. To request shared directories, contact your departmental IT support staff.

All Duke employees have access to centralized storage space through the OIT Network-Attached Storage (NAS). Storage for class projects is also available in Sakai and iTunes U, a collaborative effort between Duke and Apple. Streaming media services are provided by Duke's Digital Media Services group. These services are accessed with your NetID.

File storage for research programs may be available at the department, Trinity Technology Services, or University level.  See Consultation, below.

If you are unsure whether you have access to specific data storage resources or for more information about what resources are available, consult your IT support staff, or contact the Help Desk.  


Some administrative functions and grant specifications require retaining data for an extended period.   Trinity Technology Services will work with individual users and groups to meet these specifications.


Faculty and administrative or research groups with special data storage needs should consult with their departmental IT staff to identify an appropriate solution. Factors to consider include:

  • the nature of the data
  • how much storage is needed
  • any special privacy/security considerations
  • what frequency of backup is required
  • any archiving requirements
  • how the data will be accessed
  • who will need access