Technology Services

Device Management Services

Trinity Technology Services uses a number of device management services to support efficient maintenance of computing devices, including iOS mobile devices.

  • Casper - Managed by TTS, Casper supports management of AppleOS and iOS devices.
    • Automated software installation/maintenance.
    • iOS security
    • Device encryption key escrow
  • IBM Endpoint Manager (IEM) - Managed by TTS and built on BigFix technology, this service is used at Duke to manage windows based endpoint management and security for servers, desktops, notebooks, smartphones,
    • Automated software installation/maintenance.
    • Windows operating system patch management
    • Windows security
  • Microsoft System Center Configuraiton Manager (SCCM) - Centrally managed by OIT for Windows based computer configuraiton support.
    • Windows operating system installation/imaging.
    • Software application installation/updates