Technology Services


DukeCapture is an automated lecture and event recording solution deployed in a growing number of classrooms across the Duke campus.  It allows for publication to different services, including Sakai. It also features a functionality called "DukeCapture Mobile," which allows anyone to record audio, video and their screen using a personal computer and then publish through the same system as the classroom based recorders. Events can be captured in audio, video and VGA formats – or any combination of the three – and require no special technical expertise on the part of faculty or others being recorded.

Departmental/school participation in DukeCapture is determined by each particular department or school's technology group. DukeCapture is centrally administered by Duke's Office of Information Technology and is available to schools and departments throughout Duke and the Duke University Health System via your local information technology professionals.

Please see the OIT web site for information regarding DukeCapture.