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Updating Faculty Profiles

All of the content for the faculty profile pages on the Trinity and departmental websites is pulled in from the Faculty Database System (FDS).  However, the university is transitioning to a new faculty database called Scholars@Duke, and Trinity will be discontinuing the use of FDS in the Fall of 2016.

What is Scholars@Duke?

Scholars@Duke is the online database of Duke faculty information that will replace FDS (Faculty Database System). Your faculty profile on Scholars@Duke will become the basis for your departmental faculty page. 

What you need to do

Your Scholars@duke profile is available now for you to review and revise here:  This profile should reflect what you want to convey to your peers and prospective students. You can make it as comprehensive or streamlined as you choose. We encourage you to access your profile now, and shape it to your preferences. If you need help, you can find people and information on the Scholars@Duke support page here: Or you can ask your department’s power user to coordinate additional assistance from the Scholars@Duke team.


We are planning to begin pulling faculty profiles from Scholars@Duke to the departmental websites this calendar year. We do not yet have an exact schedule. Departments will be notified of this change ahead of time.

What about FDS?

The Scholars@Duke team has completed all data transfer from FDS to the new system. There will be no additional data migration. You are encouraged to now engage only with the Scholars@Duke system.

What about annual reporting? Will that be in Scholars@Duke now?

The process for faculty annual reporting will be to submit either a Word template or updated CV as we did for 2014. (See We will not be asking the Scholars@Duke team to build out annual report generation. This preserves each faculty member’s individual prerogative to have their profile reflect the level of detail they most prefer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We have been having ongoing meetings with department chairs and the Scholars@Duke to continue to evolve the new system.

Historical Information about Updating FDS

Each faculty member can control the content that appears on his or her profile page by logging into and updating the entries there.  Any changes made in FDS will be immediately visible on the department website.

Here is a brief video introduction to FDS that explains how to log in, navigate, and edit entries

The Frequently Asked Questions section
also contains useful information, such as

  • how to select and order the publications that appear on your web page
  • how to add or change your photo
  • how to link to your CV, or upload your own version of your CV
  • how to link to a personal web site from your web page

For additional help with FDS, you can click the Feedback link in the top right-hand corner of any FDS page (when you are logged in) or send email to