Technology Services

Language Labs

Interested in reserving a lab?

The language labs reservations and room requests are now being handled by Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Office Facilities.The procedure to request space or reserve use of space is now part of the 25Live scheduling system. You can quickly view language labs availability prior to submitting a request by using the keywords "language lab" in the search locations portion of the quick search box in 25live. Please contact Robin Harris ( or call 919-660-3037 with any reservation questions.

In an effort to expedite and facilitate classroom reservation requests for the Language Labs. The departmental Schedulers assigned to your department are willing to assist you with your request by entering the request for you or you may enter request directly into the 25Live system.

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Office of Technology Services (TTS) manages the Duke East Campus Language Lab in 101 Carr and the West Campus Language Lab in 114 Languages. If you have any questions, please contact Ed Gomes ( or Whanessa Choates (

Who provides orientation and technical support with the lab equipment?

To learn how to use the language lab equipment, contact TTS Classroom support via

TTS makes every effort to maintain and update hardware and software in all supported teaching and learning spaces. However, there are situations where technology equipment is not functioning correctly. For technical assistance in the space, please contact TTS for assistance. 

Who provides initial training for new faculty on lab programs like Audacity, Voice Board, etc.?

CIT representatives can be contacted to provide faculty training in the labs. CIT will also set up standing sessions at the beginning of the semester and offer it on request during the semester. Send a request to

Who provides training to students on how to use Audacity, Voice Board, WordPress?

  • CIT representatives train coordinators and new instructors to talk to them about how to teach the students Audacity, Voice Board, and WordPress. Student training tips and documentation to help the instructors is also available. Send a request to
  • Additional Student training requests for tools like WordPress, Audacity, or Wimba Voice Board can be requested through OIT On Demand Training. OIT will coordinate an individual to train your class on the relevant technologies.