Technology Services

Support for Off-Campus and Personally-Owned Computers

Trinity Technology Services supports the work of faculty and staff, regardless of physical location, by providing tools and systems to allow secure access to University services. However, staffing limitations, liability concerns, and physical distance constrain our ability to support personally-owned computers and computers that are not on campus.

Trinity Technology Services provides the following limited support for personal and/or off-site computers:

Duke-owned and Personal computers off campus

  • Configuration support for connecting to Duke resources from off-campus locations.

Users planning to take Duke computers off campus should consult with Trinity Technology Services staff in advance to ensure the computer is configured for remote access and to plan for support.

Users are encouraged to subscribe to broadband (DSL or cable modem) service for home use, and to install a router at home. The Duke IT security office provides guidelines for secure home computer installations. Software can be purchased at the Duke Computer Store.

Personal computers on campus

  • Limited support to ensure the computer does not pose a security risk to the Duke network.
  • Configuration support for connecting to Duke resources via the Duke network.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Support will be provided via phone or email, or in person when the computer is on campus.
  • Support does not include home visits.
  • Support is not provided for personally-owned devices or peripherals such as PDAs, cell phones, cameras, or video recorders.
  • Support must be scheduled. Duke-owned equipment receives a higher priority than personally-owned computers.
  • Support staff cannot guarantee a time when computer will be ready.
  • Support staff will respond via phone or email as workload allows. Support via phone will not exceed 20 minutes per call. After this time, support staff will request that you bring your computer to campus or will refer you to a third-party service provider such as Duke Computer Repair or Netfriends.
  • Support is not provided for off-campus Internet connections. These issues should be raised with local Internet service providers.
  • This service is intended to provide support for items not under the control of Duke University. We cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved. Likewise, Trinity Technology Services staff will not be held responsible for any future repairs relating to maintenance performed on personally-owned computers.

* This policy does not apply to employees with an approved Duke University Telecommuting Arrangement, who receive support according to the terms of their arrangement.