Technology Services

Restrictions on Storage of Social Security Numbers

In accordance with Duke University policy, Social Security Numbers can only be stored on Trinity College of Arts & Sciences servers approved for the storage thereof, and then only for uses explicitly approved by the Executive Vice President of Duke University.

Trinity Technology Services will conduct periodic audits of its file servers for the express purpose of identifying files that appear to contain Social Security Numbers.  Upon discovery of such data, TTS will notify the owner of the files.  It will be the responsibility of the owner of any identified file to remove the Social Security Number from the file, delete the file, or demonstrate to TTS that the file does not actually contain a Social Security Number.  If the owner gains approval for storage of the data, the files will be transferred to approved storage space.

If the owner of the files fails to remedy the problem, TTS will, after a reasonable attempt to remediate the issue, delete the files.


Duke's policy on SSN storage:

Authorization for storage of SSNs: