Technology Services

Service Level Agreement Support Fees

Service Level Agreement Support Fees

TTS Service support rates are associated with service level agreements with non Trinity College of Arts & Sciences departments/units.

User support services

Departmental user support services are provided at $600/computer (desktop or laptop)/year (minimum $1200 per department).  Network storage, purchasing fees are included in a user support agreement.

Server hosting

TTS provides secure server hosting in climate controlled server hosting facilities at a rate of $300/RU/year. 

Network file storage

TTS provides network file storage services for faculty and staff will be provided at an annual rate of $300 per terabyte ($0.30/GB) of disk storage used on TTS managed file servers and/or storage devices.  Replicated storage and backup fees will be included in this service charge.

Server Systems and Application Administration

Server operating systems administration support will be provided at the following optional rates.  Supported operating systems are Windows and Centos Linux.

  • Full support - $900 - $1,200/year per server supported based on application support requirements. This rate may exceed $1,200 per server based on the complexity of the configuration.
  • Base Level support - $600/year per server supported.

Web Hosting

Non-CMS web sites - content manage by departments with web design/content management software (Dreamweaver, Contribute, SSH) will be maintained on the following rate structure.

  • $750/yr in a shared web hosting environment on TTS owned/managed hardware
  • Optional database (MySQL, Microsoft SQL) administration services - $300.00 per database instance/year
  • Optional SSL certificate to support SSL enabled authentication – No Charge

CMS web sites - database (MySQL, Microsoft SQL) backed websites that are built in TTS supported content management frameworks will be maintained based on the following rate structure.

  • Individual Virtual Hosting environment - $90/year  (OIT Silver Virtual Environment standard. Optional configurations and rates based on OIT pricing.).
  • Shared Virtual Hosting environment - $50/yr (server shared with other departments/groups)
  • Systems administration services options
    • Full support - $900/year per server supported. Full support includes OS, CMS and a single database instance.
    • Base Level support - $600/year per server supported.
  • Standard CMS Database Instance - $90/year
  • Database administration services - $300.00 per database instance/year if an additional database instance is required.
  • Optional SSL certificate to support SSL enabled authentication – No Charge

Database Support

Application support for the administrative databases developed in the Filemaker Pro database platform and hosted on TTS owned/managed hardware will be provided with the following rate options:

  • Unlimited support (basic user training, programming/changes to the database, upgrading/patching the database and license maintenance) and multi-user database hosting (secure hosting, backups, restores) - $1,392 per database instance/year
  • Multi-user database hosting only with support provided at hourly rates - $450 per database instance/year

Purchasing and Imaging Support

Purchasing and imaging support for standardized computing equipment, software and peripherals will be provided at a rate of $50 per computer (laptop/desktop). The annual fee will be based on the number of units purchased (on average) within your department/unit.

Example:  Total department computer deployment is 100. Refresh cycle is 4 years. Average purchase volume is 25.  Annual fee is $1,250 ($50 x 25).

Audio Visual Technology Integration, Support and Consultation

Trinity Technology Services Classroom support can provide AV integration and support services for AV enhances teaching, meeting and general purpose spaces on a project or hourly support fee basis. AV integration projects include installation of AV technology based on project specifications. Equipment ordering, installation, Crestron control system programming and post installation support (via a service level agreement) are available as resources allow.

  • AV consultation services are provided at no charge. TTS can also work with departments that are contracting with external integration service providers to consult on projects, develop and review requests for proposals (RFPs) and provide design guidance.
  • AV Integration project hardware procurement - TTS will purchase hardware associated with TTS integration projects at cost, charged to Duke fund codes identified by the department.
  • AV Integration labor fees (non-programming) - TTS will charge an hourly rate for AV integration labor costs (non-programming) at $100/hr
  • AV Integration programming fees - TTS will charge an hourly rate for Crestron programming associated with AV integration projects at $125/hr
  • AV Service Level Arrangement - TTS can provide just in time support for AV enhanced spaces. Rates are dependent on the requirements but generally tied to hourly rates for services (listed below).

Hourly Rate Services

Web Development/Programming/Database Work – 15 minutes best effort; support fees thereafter

  • $75/hr

AV just in time support - 20 minutes best effort; support fees thereafter

  • AV/Classroom Support Technician - $75/hr regular shift (8 am - 5 pm), $112.50/hour after 5 pm or weekends
  • Student employee - $12/hr regular shift (8 am - 8 pm), After hours/weekends $18/hr (by special arrangement only)

Imaging/User Support – 30 minutes best effort; support fees thereafter

  • (2 hrs @ $50/hr) $100