Technology Services

Software in Classrooms

Trinity Technology Services installs and maintains software images on computers in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences classrooms, including the Interactive Computer Classroom (ICC) workstations and instructor consoles in other A&S media-equipped classrooms.

Please see the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Installed Software List to determine whether the software you need is already installed. Use our request forms to request installation of software not already present.

Deadlines for Software Requests

  • Fall Semester: June 30th
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semesters: April 1
  • Mid-semester requests: one month prior to Fall or Spring breaks.

Software requests received by these deadlines will be installed before the first day of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters, and by the first day of classes after Fall and Spring breaks, respectively.  Installation of software requested after these dates is not guaranteed.


  1. Only Duke faculty or staff can request software installation for classroom computers.
  2. The requesting department or instructor must be available for consultation with an Trinity Technology Services staff member or departmental computer support specialist.
  3. Software must be compatible with system security, performance, usability, reliability, and other installed software. Software which compromises the machines in any of these areas will not be installed.
  4. Different versions of the same software are considered separate software installations.
  5. When software has been installed and tested by Trinity Technology Services, the requestor will be notified. The requester is responsible for testing the software package after it has been installed in the classroom(s) to make sure it functions and prints the expected way.
  6. Departments requesting particular software may need to contribute to the license cost; contact Trinity Technology Services for more information regarding license costs and budgets.