Technology Services

Insurance Coverage of University Owned Computers and Mobile Devices

Duke University provides corporate insurance for university-owned equipment, including computers. Documentation regarding this insurance is available on the Duke Office of Risk Management web site. Mobile computing devices allow Duke University faculty and staff to work efficiently from various locations, both on and off campus. To address the issues related to repair and replacement of certain mobile computing devices, Trinity Technology Services has instituted a self-funded insurance program.

Insurance coverage for University-owned laptop computers and mobile devices

Laptop computers and other mobile devices (iPads, other tablet devices) are fragile and difficult to secure. As such, the possibility of loss due to theft or damage is considerably higher than desktop computers. All University-owned laptops and mobile devices purchased by Trinity Technology Services (TTS) are eligible to be covered by TTS insurance.

  • Damage insurance – This coverage covers university-owned laptops and mobile devices both on and off campus for accidental damage during normal use by the individual.
  • Theft insurance – This coverage also covers theft of University-owned laptops and mobile devices when that theft occurs away from the Duke University campus. University-owned laptops and mobile devices stolen while on the Duke University campus are subject to coverage provided by Duke’s office of Risk Management as described here.

The coverage comes with a standard $150 departmental deductible per incident. The cost of this coverage is added to the purchase price of the laptop or mobile device at purchase time. Program details are located on the TTS Warranty and Insurance Program web site.

The costs associated with the repair or replacement of University-owned laptops and mobile devices that are not covered by a) manufacturer’s warranty, b) the TTS Warranty or Insurance Program, or c) other third party insurance plans must be funded entirely by the associated department.

 Insurance coverage for University-owned desktop computers

Desktop computers are not covered for damage and/or theft under the TTS Warranty and Insurance Program and are subject to coverage provided by Duke’s corporate insurance plan. If the cost for repair or replacement of the computers is less than the corporate insurance deductible (currently $5,000), the original purchasing department is responsible for covering those costs.

 Home use of University-owned desktop computers

In some cases, faculty members have opted to move University desktop computers to their homes. This is an acceptable practice under University policy. However, before any desktop equipment can be relocated off campus, faculty must check to make sure the equipment is covered by their personal home-owners insurance. If accident or theft of a desktop computer occurs at an off-campus location, the liability for the loss must be covered by the faculty member's private insurance policy. Faculty members with university-owned computers in their homes should contact their insurance provider in order to determine coverage.