Technology Services

Video and Web Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Trinity Technology Services provides the following video conferencing and webconferencing services:

Installed video telepresence (teleconferencing) equipment is available in the Perkins Link in Classroom 5, Seminar 1, and Group Study 11.  Telepresence support requires the following:

  • A minimum of one week's notice prior to the event date.  Less than five business days may prevent our being able to arrange for pre-meeting connection tests.  With less than the required notice, we will make our best effort but cannot guarantee success.  Advance notice for out-of-area calls, particularly those for Europe or China must be received a minimum of a week ahead.
  • Registration of the conference site via 25Live.
  • The contact information, including email and an emergency phone number of a technician or conferencing office at the far end site.
  • Names and contact information for all local site participants, person in charge of the local event, and a primary contact for the remote site participants.
  • An indication of any content intended to be shared in the conference.  Ideally content files should be provided to the conference technicians a day or two prior to the event so that it can be uploaded to the computer to be used and tested.
  • The Duke bridging system can be available as necessary for remote participants if necessary.  Using the bridge may require additional notice.

We will conduct one or more pre-conference connection tests with the remote site.

To request video telepresence support call Classroom Support at 919-660-3088 or by fill out the Multimedia Request Form.

If the remote location of the conference is not equipped with video-conferencing equipment (specifically, a local codec) a web conference can generally be arranged instead. See below.

For more information about video conferencing at Duke, including best practices and FAQs, see the Digital Media Services video conferencing page.

Web Conferencing

Trinity Technology Services provides support for web conferencing via Cisco WebEx. Support includes:

  • an "Web Conference kit" available for loan consisting of one USB echo-cancelled speakerphone and one webcam
  • "event creation:" we create the online conference space and send you the web address; alternatively, you may use your own WebEx account
  • orientation to the online conference space and tools prior to the event. Orientation is available to attendees as well as to the host.

Webconferences can involve several different conferencing situations.  We recommend that any and all remote participants do the following:

  • Ensure that they have a hard-wired connection to the Internet for better bandwidth during the conference.  This need is even more important if content is to be shared over the conference.
  • All remote participants should have either a headphone microphone or a USB echo-cancelling microhone to avoid feedback echo.
  • Any remote participant who needs to test their setup prior to the conference is invited to contact us via to arrange a conference test.

You can reserve web conferencing equipment and request technical support by calling Classroom Support at 660-3088 or by filling out the Multimedia Request Form.

For more information about  other web conferencing solutions available at Duke, see the Digital Media Services web conferencing page.  Duke does not officially support Skype, but if you and your conference participants have Skype accounts and prefer to use it, we can assist.  Please note, however, that Skype is not HIPPA-compliant.