Arts & Sciences Council

Faculty Governance

Elected by the Arts & Sciences faculty, the council serves as the faculty's primary institution for governance. The council's purpose is to represent the faculty and advise the Deans of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and with respect to:

  • Arts & Sciences priorities;
  • faculty development;
  • support and policy for faculty research, teaching, and administrative facilities;
  • department and unit organization within the Arts & Sciences faculty;
  • areas of interaction between graduate and undergraduate programs (e.g., teaching assistantships, budgets, and training); and
  • other matters of concern to the Arts & Sciences faculty.

With particular respect to Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, the council determines and implements the broad objectives of undergraduate education and considers all matters affecting the academic and residential environments of students, making recommendations and adopting regulations where appropriate. The council meets monthly during the academic year.

Membership of the council's executive committee, and the A&S Council at large.

A&S Council Sakai Site

A Sakai site will be used to share information, through a secure log in. The site is accessible by A&S Council members, department representatives and their alternates, and council ex-officio members. For questions about accessing the site, or posting documents for council discussion, please contact Mary Nettleton at

Access: Sakai site