Arts & Sciences Council

Faculty Research Committee

Committee Charge

The Committee on Faculty Research has two responsibilities:

  1. It shall administer funds made available to the Committee each year by the Dean of Arts & Sciences and the Committee will allocate these funds by awarding grants for research, for conferences hosted by Duke University, and for conference travel expenses incurred by members of the faculty of Arts & Sciences, and
  2. it shall address larger issues of research that are important for Arts & Sciences faculty.

Committee Membership

Two faculty from each division (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities) plus a faculty Chair (at large).

Overview of Programs

Faculty Research Committee

Faculty Research Grants


The Arts and Sciences Council Committee on Faculty Research is pleased to invite grant applications to support faculty research. Grant funds are limited. These grants are designed to provide seed money for pilot research, fund project write-ups, or underwrite components of larger projects that might be difficult to fund.


  • The deadline for receipt of applications is Friday, March 22, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Awards will be announced in late April.
  • Funds must be spent within one calendar year of the award date.


  • All faculty in departments or programs in Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply, whether regular rank or non-regular rank. For clarity, the qualifying titles of regular rank and non-regular rank faculty are listed at
  • Priority will be given to faculty who did not receive a grant during the previous year.
  • Owing to budgetary constraints, emeritus faculty and postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for research grants at this time.


  • The maximum award in the A&S Council Facuty Research Grant program is $5,000. You may request any amount up to this maximum, as appropriate to budgetary requirements of your project.
  • Carry-over of grant funds to the next fiscal year is permitted only in exceptional circumstances, which must be requested in writing.
  • Grant funds may not be transferred to any other research project.
  • Expenditures on the grant are limited to those items on the original application budget and may be reviewed.

Application Details

  1. Complete online application

    1. Project Description should be:

      1. specific and detailed about the proposed research

      2. understandable to faculty reviewers (who probably are not experts in your discipline)

      3. must be limited to a maximum of three pages

    2. Report of previous A&S Council Research Grants

    3. Report on other current/pending funding, with brief explanation about why other funding does not cover this project

  2. One copy of your CV

Allowable Expenses

  • Wages: Research Assistants and other support personnel may be paid; however, fringe benefits are payable on all wages and salaries.

  • Travel: Research-related travel and subsistence costs for this project may be paid for the investigator and assistants, if this travel is justified.

  • Supplies: Mailing expenses are allowable. Copying expenses are allowable if copying exceeds the amount normally provided by your department.

  • Equipment: Capital equipment costing in excess of $500 must be tagged and inventoried by Plant Accounting. Equipment and materials of permanent value become the property of your department.

  • Books: Funds are occasionally awarded for the purchase of specialized books, but applicants must first contact the Assistant Librarian in Perkins Library to determine whether collection development funds or other sources are available for purchase of the materials needed. If the purchase of books is allowed, they become the property of the library.

  • Computer Programming charges directly related to the project are allowable.

  • Technical Support Services directly related to the project are allowable.

Unallowable Expenses

  • Salaries: No investigator may receive a summer salary, leave salary, or salary supplement from an A&S Council-Faculty Research Grant.

  • Travel: No travel support or subsistence may be paid for dependents of the investigator. Travel to professional meetings or conferences may not be charged to an A&S Council-Faculty Research Grant. A separate meeting/conference travel program exists for this purpose.

  • Subscriptions and Subventions: Publication subventions and journal and magazine subscriptions are not allowable.

  • Supplies: Common office supplies and non-extraordinary telephone expenses are not allowable; these should be provided by the individual’s department/program.

  • Equipment: Funds have traditionally not been awarded to faculty members for the purchase of teaching equipment, computers or any other similar equipment.


Professional Meeting/Conference Travel Funding

A&S Council support for meeting and conference travel will be distributed to regular rank faculty, and non-regular rank non-union faculty (see online application button below). Union faculty members should apply for support through the Non-Regular Rank Union Faculty Professional Development Fund.

Funding Overview

  • Faculty may request a maximum reimbursement of $1,000 per fiscal year (July through June 30) to support no more than two trips (foreign or domestic) to enable attendance at a professional meeting or conferences to do one of the following:
    • participate as a discussant on a panel
    • present a paper
    • present a keynote or invited lecture
    • receive an award
    • serve as an elected or appointed officer of the sponsoring organization

Who is Eligible

  • All regular rank and non-regular rank NON-UNION Duke faculty with primary appointments in departments or programs in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences. Union faculty members should apply through the Non-Regular Rank Union Faculty Professional Development Fund.
  • Emeritus faculty are also eligible.

Not Eligible

  • Faculty with a Research and/or Startup account in excess of $4,000.
  • Non-regular rank union faculty members. These individuals should apply for support through the Non-Regular Rank Union Faculty Professional Development Fund
  • Adjunct faculty members, as these faculty have primary appointments at other institutions.
  • Travel support is not intended for and will not be approved for faculty serving as session or panel chairs at a conference or meeting.

Reimbursable Expenses

Procurement cards may be used. However, travel-related charges to procurement cards will not be reimbursed out of Professional Meeting Conference Travel Funding if the request for funding has not been made and approved in advance of the charge. Allowable expenses include:

  • meals for the faculty member applying (receipts or meal logs must be included)
  • lodging
  • transportation
  • parking
  • registration fees.
  • Reimbursement for the use of a private vehicle is limited to the actual mileage at the current rate from Durham to the meeting site, not to exceed the equivalent tourist airfare.

NOTE: Purchase of tapes, booklets or software is not reimbursable.

Application Process

  1. Submit a request for travel funding using the online application no later than 5 days prior to the meeting or conference. No exceptions are made to this rule.
  • Application must include a scanned copy or photograph of a letter of invitation to participate in an event, a letter or email message accepting your volunteered participation, or a copy of the program page on which you are listed.

Apply for Travel Funds

  1. Requests will be approved or denied promptly.
  • The most common reasons a request is denied are that the faculty member is not eligible, does not provide valid documentation, or has used up his or her reimbursable amount for the current fiscal year.

Travel Reimbursement Process

  1. Faculty member: Submit receipts to department administrator within 60 days following the meeting.

NOTE: No extensions will be granted past the end of the fiscal year (June 30th).

  1. Department administrator:
    1. Process travel expenses using the online travel tool
    2. Submit a copy of the procurement transaction to the A&S Committee for Faculty Research prior to clearing the transaction in WORKS. Transaction information should be sent to Angela Latta at

Questions concerning Duke ASCFR Professional Travel Support or reimbursement should be directed to Angela Latta in 102 Allen. Phone: 668-2728. Email: angela.latta@duke