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Assessment Commitee


The A & S Faculty Assessment Committee (ASFAC) serves as a resources to departments in continuous improvement of our undergraduate programs. The Committee communicates institutional expectations for department assessment activities; promotes the integration of assessment as a natural and productive part of departmental strategic planning; reviews assessment plans and annual assessment reports; provides constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement; and reports back to the Arts & Sciences Council.                                                                                    


  • Jennifer Ahern-Dodson (Thompson Writing Program), Chair
  • Kristen Stephens (Education)
  • Barbara Dickinson (Dance)
  • Dorian Canelas (Chemistry)
  • Chris Roy (Chemistry)
  • Steven Churchill (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Arlie Petters (Dean of Academic Affairs, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences), ex officio
  • Keith Whitfield (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs), ex officio
  • Molly Goldwasser (Provost Office), ex officio
  • Matt Serra (Director, Office of Assessment, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences), ex officio
  • Jeff Forbes (A&S Academic Deans), ex officio
  • Ingeborg Walther (German), ex officio
  • Lee Willard (Senior Associate Dean, Academic Planning, Arts & Sciences), ex officio
  • (ECASC Liaison), ex officio


Assessment Committee Annual Report 2015-16

Assessment Committee Annual Report 2013-2014

Assessment Commitee Annual Report 2011-2012

Assessment Committee Annual Report 2010-2011



Budget Advisory Committee


  • Charles Becker (Economics) Chair
  • Pankaj Agarwal (Computer Science)
  • Christine Drea (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • Valerie Ashby (Arts & Sciences), ex officio
  • Sandy Connolly (Arts & Sciences), ex officio


Classroom Space/Infrastructure Committee (Ad hoc)


  • Carol Apollonio (Slavic & Eurasian Studies) Chair
  • José González (Classical Studies)
  • Catherine Mathers (International Comparative Studies)
  • Martin Miller (History)
  • Christina Williams (Psychology and Neuroscience)
  • Steffen Bass (Physics)
  • Ed Gomes (Senior Associate Dean, Trinity Technology Services), ex officio
  • Jerry Conrad (Director of Facilities, Arts & Sciences), ex officio
  • Jill Foster (DUSA, Biology), observer
  • Kim Travlos (DUSA, Romance Studies), observer



Courses Committee


The Committee on Courses shall insist on the highest academic standards in both undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Committee shall approve or disapprove new courses, including house courses. The Committee shall ensure proper and appropriate academic credit, classification and labeling of all courses in accordance with the stipulations of the current curriculum.


  • Susan Wynn (Education), Chair
  • Connell Fullenkamp (Economics)
  • Clark Bray (Mathematics)
  • Stephen Vaisey (Sociology)
  • Nina Sherwood (Biology)
  • Keval Kaur Khalsa (Dance)
  • Eliana Schonberg (Thompson Writing Program)
  •  Carol Apollonio (ECASC Liaison), ex officio


Courses Committee Annual Report 2017-2018

Courses Committee Annual Report 2016-2017

Courses Committee Annual Report 2015-2016

Courses Commitee Annual Report 2012-2013

Courses Committee Annual Report 2011-2012



Curriculum Committee



  • Jeff Forbes (Computer Science), chair
  • Cary Moskovitz (Thompson Writing Program)
  • Michelle Connolly (Economics)
  • Mine Centinkaya Rundel (Statistical Science)
  • Philip Stern (History)
  • Chris Roy (Chemistry)
  • John Brown (Music)
  • Frank Blalark (University Registrar), ex officio
  • Jeff Forbes (ECASC Liaison - fall), ex officio
  • John Supko (ECASC Liaison - spring), ex officio

Curriculum Committee Annual Report 2017-18

Curriculum Committee Annual Report 2016-17

Curriculum Committee Annual Report 2015-16

Curriculum Committee Annual Report 2012-13

Curriculum Committee Annual Report 2011-12


Faculty Research Committee


The Committee on Faculty Research has two responsibilities: a) it shall administer the awarding of grants for research and for conference travel made available each year by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and b) it shall address larger issues of research that are important for Arts and Sciences faculty.



  • Carlos Rojas (AMES), Chair
  • Priscilla Wald (English)
  • Lenhard Ng (Mathematics)
  • Richard Kay (Evolutionary Anthropology)
  • David Siegel (Political Science)
  • Kristine Stiles (Art, Art History & Visual Studies)
  • Lynn Smith-Loven (Sociology)
  • Ara Wilson (ECASC liaison), ex officio


Faculty Research Committee Report 2017-2018

Faculty Research Committee Report 2016-2017

Faculty Research Committee Report 2015-2016

Faculty Research Committee Report 2014-2015

Faculty Research Committee Report 2013-2014

Faculty Research Committee Report 2012-2013

Faculty Research Committee Report 2009-2011


Global Education Committee


The Committee on Global Education shall recommend to the Dean of Trinity College, the Dean of Academic Affairs of Trinity college, the Dean of the Pratt School of Engineering, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education of the Pratt School of Engineering,the DVPUE and the Council appropriate regulations for study abroad, foreign academic exchange programs,  and domestic programs overseen by the Office on Global Education for Undergraduates. The Committee shall recommend guidelines for determining transfer credit to Duke for academic work done abroad. It shall approve academic changes (deletions, revisions, and additions) in study abroad programs that have been previously endorsed by Duke.  It shall recommend new Duke-sponsored study programs to the Dean of the College following a careful review of detailed proposals. It shall review periodically all Duke-sponsored and approved programs overseen by Global Education Office in terms of changing educational and academic needs at Duke.


  • Ken Rogerson (Sanford School of Public Policy), Chair
  • Ronen Plesser (Physics)
  • Sherryl Broverman (Biology)
  • Bob Malkin (Pratt)
  • Victoria Szabo (Art, Art History & Visual Studies
  • Lisa Merschel (Romance Studies)
  • Erdag Goknar (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Jessica Namakkal (International Comparative Studies)
  • Michelle Connolly (Economics)
  • Treniyyah Anderson (DSG)
  • Vivian Luo (DSG)
  • Arlie Petters (Dean for Academic Affairs of Trinity College), ex officio
  • Amanda Kelso (Director of Global Education Office), ex officio
  • Susan Pratt (Global Education), ex officio
  • Soraya Campbell (Global Education), ex officio
  • Gary Bennett (Vice Provost of Undergrad. Ed.), ex officio
  • Ravi Bellamkanda (Vinik Dean of the Pratt School of Engineering), ex officio
  • Linda Franzoni (Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education of the Pratt School of Engineering), ex officio
  • Sherryl Broverman (ECASC Liaison), ex officio


Global Education Committee Annual Report 2017-18

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2016-17

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2015-16

Global Educatino Committee Annual Report 2014-15

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2013-14

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2012

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2011

Global Education Committee Annual Report 2010


Officer Education Committee


The Committee on Officer Education shall review the credentials of candidates for appointment in the three military departments and make recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Committee shall periodically review the curriculum of the ROTC programs and report the results of that review to the Council.


  • Victor Strandberg (English), Chair
  • Peter Feaver (Political Science)
  • Owen Astrachan (Computer Science)
  • Michael Gustafson (Civil Engineering)
  • Joseph Nadeau (Engineering)
  • LTC Jesse Hunt (Air Force)
  • Major Rachelle Macon (Army)
  • CAPT Marc Stern (Naval Science)
  • Joseph Steinfels (Marine Corps)
  • Milton Blackmon (Associate Dean), ex officio
  • Reeve Huston (ECASC Liaison), ex officio


Officer Education Committee Annual Report 2016

Officer Education Committee Report 2015

Officer Education Committee Annual Report 2014

Officer Education Committee Annual Report 2013

Officer Education Committee Annual Report 2012



Program II Committee


The Committee on Program II shall study and make appropriate recommendations to the Dean of Trinity College and to the Council with respect to Program II and its relationship to the broader curriculum. The Committee shall admit students to Program II and approve their programs and any later modification thereof.


  • Jonathan Shaw (Biology), Chair
  • Jim Clark (NSOE)
  • Purnima Shah (Dance)
  • Bahar Leventoglu (Political Science)
  • Ron Grunwald (Associate Dean), ex officio
  • Michael Munger (ECASC Liaison), ex officio


Program II Annual Report 2012


Technology Advisory Committee


The Committee on Computing shall:
Study and make appropriate recommendations to the council and deans concerning the needs and policies for computing support in Arts and Sciences. This includes hardware, software, networks, systems administration, training, and management.

  1. In cooperation with the Planning and Priorities Committee, formulate and evaluate priorities for academic computing.
  2. Act as a conduit or forum for comments and suggestions about computing from the whole Arts and Sciences faculty and student body.
  3. Develop and maintain an informed base of technical opinion and expertise on all matters concerning computing in Arts and Sciences.
  4. Represent Arts and Sciences on university-wide computing issues.


Faculty representatives from each division (Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences) with no fewer than two from each serving three-year staggered terms; one undergraduate student; one graduate student; and ex officio  representative from the Dean of Arts and Sciences.


  • Caroline Bruzelius (Art, Art History & Visual Studies), chair
  • John Supko (Music)
  • Robert Wolpert (Statistical Sciences)
  • James Moody (Sociology)
  • Edward Gomes, Senior Associate Dean, A&S Office of Technology Services (TTS), ex officio