Style Guide Info

Web Design, Logos & Branding Guidelines

Duke has established a Style Guide to ensure that our Websites have enough in common design-wise that we collectively present a cohesive and complementary front door to our students, alumni and the outside world.

Resource: Duke Style Guide
Resource: Approved Color Palette

Style Guide for the Written Word

In addition, Duke follows the Associated Press Stylebook for news releases and other information generated for news media and news materials distribution on the Web. In order for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Websites to be completely consistent, we are extending the use of this style guide to our entire Web system. The Office of News & Communications has developed an orientation to the AP Stylebook that addresses common errors found at Duke. In particular, there is a tendency to over capitalize names and titles.

Resource: Style Guide

The Trinity Name and Acronym

Please use Trinity College of Arts & Sciences in its entirety when referring to the college. We are discontinuing the practice of calling the undergraduate part of the school "Trinity College" and the graduate segment of the college "Arts & Sciences." This does not change the internal administrative convention of faculty members being members of the Arts & Sciences faculty in order to take graduate students, it merely simplifies our communications. The correct acronym for the school is TCA&S.