Academic Affairs

Trinity College Academic Policies & Procedures

Full information concerning the academic policies and procedures of Trinity College is available at Additional policies are listed below.

1. Courses counting toward requirements of more than one major, minor, or certificate program

The same course, whether or not cross-listed, may be counted toward satisfying requirements of two or more majors and/or minors. Students electing to satisfy the requirements of a certificate program may use for that purpose no more than two courses that are also used to satisfy the requirements of a major, minor, or other certificate program.

2. Restrictions concerning majors, minors, and certificates

The maximum number of majors that a student may declare is two; the combined number of majors, minors, and certificate programs may not exceed three. At least half of the courses taken for a major, minor, and certificate must be taken at Duke although individual departments/programs offering them may require completion of a greater proportion. The total number of courses that a department/program may require at any level in the major and related departments may not exceed seventeen semester courses for the Bachelor of Arts degree and nineteen semester courses for the Bachelor of Science degree.