Academic Affairs

Summer Session

Summer Session operates with a very different calendar and pace from the academic year, yet its curriculum and procedures accord with those of the mainstream. The program is designed to meet the needs of degree and non-degree students primarily for undergraduate study.

Summer Session, like most summer schools nationwide, serves primarily its own. Duke students take summer courses not only to catch up, but also to accelerate the completion of their degrees, to fulfill requirements toward areas, majors, and certificates, and to broaden their programs with studies that otherwise would not fit into their academic schedules. Duke students register for summer courses using ACES Web; their PIN registration number is the same as that for the fall term following. They may begin registration for Summer Session in the two-week period preceding Spring Break. During those two weeks they do not need a PIN to register for summer courses although they will need one once the official full registration period begins for fall and summer courses.

Summer Session also enrolls students from outside Duke. College graduates, individuals who have attended and were in good standing at another accredited institutions, students currently enrolled and in good standing at an accredited institution, and students who have been accepted at an accredited institution are eligible to register for summer courses at Duke. The summer schedule provides opportunities for non-degree (unclassified) students to take courses for transfer to their home institutions or for career development, professional advancement, or personal enrichment. The Director of Summer Session serves as the academic dean for non-Duke students attending the summer school. Full information on Summer Session is available on their website at