Academic Affairs

Curricular Reviews

This page provides information about reviews of certificate programs and undergraduate major and minor programs. Self-study guidelines are provided to help units prepare for review, and should be used as templates to prepare for review meetings.

Certificate Program Reviews

In the year 2000, the Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee instituted a “sunset law” in which Certificate Programs are approved for a term of three years and can be renewed upon successful review by the Committee, or inactivated if they do not pass the review. Certificate programs that are renewed after the first three years are reviewed every five years thereafter. As a part of this normal review, Program Directors lead a Self-Study of their Certificate Program. The results of this Self-Study will form the core of the Curriculum Committee’s discussions and decision concerning continuing program approval.

In 2006, the Curriculum Committee created a template for self-study by certificate programs as part of a normal review of all certificate programs by the committee. The self-study template was updated in 2016, and can be accessed on the link below. Certificate programs must use the template provided in the Guidelines for Self-Study when preparing their materials for review.

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines for Undergraduate Certificate Review

Undergraduate Program Reviews

Because implementing the educational philosophy and general education learning objectives of the Curriculum has implications for undergraduate majors and minors, a review process has been developed for undergraduate education in the major.  In addition, the intellectual inquiries and methodologies of disciplines and fields change continuously which also necessitates periodic review and, at times restructuring, of both curricular and pedagogical approaches in the major.

The review of undergraduate education in the major has thus been incorporated into the existing external review process for departments. A detailed self-study, done in iterative interaction with the Arts and Sciences Curriculum and Course Committees, is part of the overall self-study presented for external review. Including an enhanced undergraduate education review component as part of the external review of the department provides an opportunity for integration across the essential elements of the intellectual life of the department.

DOWNLOAD: Guidelines for Undergraduate Program Review Self-Study