Office of the Dean
Arlie Petters, Dean of Academic Affairs

Reminder on Deadlines for Final Grades

May 8, 2017

Dear Faculty,
Please remember that Duke Faculty Policy requires grades for graduating students to be submitted within 24 hours of the final exam. Grades for all other students need to be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam.
Although timely reporting of all grades is always important, it is essential that grades for graduating seniors be reported as soon as possible. Students with outstanding grades cannot be cleared for graduation or selected for Latin and other honors. To date, 3,323 of the total expected 5,112 grades for seniors remain due. Please understand and be aware of the urgency of getting grades in prior to the deadlines.
Thanks for your cooperation and such a successful semester.
Sincerely yours,
Arlie O. Petters, Ph.D.
Dean of Academic Affairs for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Benjamin Powell Professor of Mathematics
Professor of Physics and Economics