Development support for Trinity College of Arts & Sciences is managed by Chris Clarke, the Senior Assistant Vice President for Development. Chris is assisted by major gift officers and other University Development staff. We encourage you to read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Duke Forward Campaign

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences has a goal of raising $435 million through the Duke Forward campaign, launched in 2012.

Categories for our fundraising priorities:

  • Financial aid for undergraduates and fellowships for graduate students
  • Faculty support - professorships, research support
  • New pathways - seed funding for research, teaching and research investments in global health, energy and the brain sciences
  • Annual Fund

Focus Areas

  • Teaching innovations
  • Undergraduate research
  • DukeEngage and service-learning opportunities
  • Academic advising
  • Entrepreneurship programs
  • The Arts

Downloadable campaign documents:

How Departments, Programs and Faculty are Part of Fundraising

Duke's connections to our alumni are important to the growth of our educational and research programs. Departments, programs and faculty members play an important role in nurturing those relationships and creating a positive environment for giving. Read our best practices suggestions for alumni outreach and engagement.

Why Endowments are Critical to our Future

Gifts to endowment ensure the fiscal health of the university in the future. A portion of the endowment’s earnings are spent on current operations and for purposes specified by donors. The rest of the investment yield is returned to principal, where it can grow over the years. Endowments directed to priorities in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences allow the deans and academic leaders throughout the college to nurture innovative programs like Focus and DukeEngage that are Duke hallmarks. Endowment gifts have an impact in many vital areas:

  • Undergraduate scholarships: Endowed funds provide financial aid to all qualified undergraduates, maintaining Duke’s tradition of need-blind admissions and sustaining the diversity vital to campus life.
  • Graduate fellowships: Endowments support fellowships for graduate students, who serve as apprentices and colleagues to faculty and mentors to undergraduates.
  • Professorships: Endowed faculty chairs enable Duke to recruit and retain faculty who excel in teaching, research, and service.
  • Academic programming: Endowments in key areas such as the arts, and for all academic programs, centers, and departments, maintain the strength of the undergraduate curriculum.

Endowment gifts are bridges between generations: such gifts made in the past benefit today’s students and faculty; gifts made today will benefit the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences of tomorrow.