Best Practices: Connecting with Alumni

The following best practices suggestions were developed in collaboration with the Duke Alumni Association (DAA).

Engaging Alumni with Faculty

Showcase your work by speaking and presenting. Visibility for you, your work, and your programs is a major deliverable amongst our constituents through our various outlets and programs. Speaking at campus events or in the Duke regions or internationally is a signature opportunity. Please let the Duke Alumni Association know if you are:

  • Planning travel to one of our major US Regions: Chicago, Northern California, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Tampa, Miami – and many more. Just give us as much advance notice as possible to arrange something with our volunteers. Contact:
  • Planning to travel internationally. Duke alumni are a global community with volunteers and clubs around the world that would be interested in hosted an event with you as focus speaker. Contact:
  • Have a new book or there is an exhibit opening or any other event, where you can speak as an expert. We can build a speaking event, reception, and tour around such an opportunity. Contact:

Lead an Alumni Travel Program. We offer 35 alumni travel programs annually to destinations around the world. See This unique opportunity to spend 7-15 days with alumni and travel, yet work, in an area of your expertise (no vacation necessary) is supported by your Dean and have priority time with alumni. We host an international reception on these programs whenever possible, so that you can meet our alumni in the destination as well. Let us know where you would like to go:

Connecting Departments with Alumni

Newsletters. The Duke Alumni Association is piloting the development of department and program newsletters in DAA emails to alums in cooperation with Trinity College of Arts & Sciences communications. We will present more information on this in the coming months.

Make the most of social media. Mention @dukealumni in your tweets The DAA routinely retweets Duke departments and Duke alums to extend the reach of the information.

Share posts on the DAA Facebook page The DAA actively promotes content on Facebook. Post something on your page then share it on our page and we will promote. Alternatively, send the item directly to the DAA to highlight, ideally with a photograph, and they will promote. We also occasionally have items shared on the Duke University Facebook page:

Share story ideas with Duke Magazine. Duke Magazine is one of the main ways alumni learn learn about Duke. Send an email to


Promote your programs on the DAA Forever Learning website pages. Through our webpages dedicated to lifelong learning, we curate all educational programs available to alumni on campus, online and in the major geographical regions where we have alumni groups.

Use the Events@Duke calendar ( to post your upcoming event. We pull from the calendar to feature and promote, for example, lectures and panels that are open to the public. Alternatively, contact

Promote online learning courses and webinars through the Forever Learning website. When you are offering a webinar or have a video or interview that you want featured, send the link and description to the DAA at

Celebrating Faculty, Students, and Alumni

Showcase alumni in your communications. Highlighting interesting alumni helps students understand what is possible in their future.

 Such information is a big plus when recruiting students to Duke, to a particular department, or to major or program.

Let us know the names of alumni you want to come back to campus. Let us know who your departmental alumni are that you would like to showcase so that we can involve them in campus educational events, invite them to join panels on campus or in the regions, engage them with students, or feature them in Duke Magazine or on our website. This will also elevate the visibility of your department and your work. Contact: