Facilities Office

The facilities office of Trinity College Arts and Sciences is responsible for the programming, planning and design of all TCA&S spaces. Our goal is to ensure that the faculty, staff, and students of Trinity College reach their teaching, learning, and research goals in an updated and secure environment. In addition, our office supervises the allocation, maintenance, repair, renovation, and space management of all classroom, office, lab, performance, and building student common areas in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences. This office further has the responsibitlty of scheduling non-academic use within our spaces as well as granting access into all Trinity College buildings, classrooms, offices, labs and performance areas. Trinity College Arts and Sciences has  approximately 1.2 million square feet of space in 52 buildings.

Please contact this office for TCA&S Classroom Emergencies or Department/Program Space Concerns

Additional Resources

Duke University Facilities Management Department

Please use the FMD Service Request work order system to report building repairs.

For immediate needs related to building failures please call 684-2122. For more information related to Duke University Facilities Offices please link to: fmd.duke.edu

University Housekeeping

Contact Housekeeping by calling:

  • 919-382-4515  Main number
  • 919-613-1571  Admin. Assistant
  • 919-660-1418 Sr. Director's Office