Facilities Office

TCA&S Key Policy

Compliance with University Key Policy

The Key Policy guidelines for TCA&S comply with Duke University Key Policy and with the Duke ID Card Access Policy. To ensure that the two policies are followed, the TCA&S Facilities Office is the key control manager for all keys. The procedures for all Trinity College Arts and Science Departments, Programs, Institutes, and Centers are as follows:

Non-Master Keys and Sub-Master (Group) Key Policy

Please review general key policies the Duke University Key and Access Policy.

  1. Key request should go directly to the University Key Shop.
  2. Master Keys or group keys require prior approval of TCA&S Facilities Office.

Key Control Manager Form

Fill out and complete the Key Control Manager at TCA&S Facilities Office-125 Old Chem Building)

Activation and De-Activation of Duke ID Card Access

To add or delete classroom access and building privileges of faculty and staff for classrooms contact TCA&S Facilities office by emailing tcscheduler@duke.edu or tcasfacilties@duke.edu.  Please provide full birth name and Duke Unique ID number for each cardholder.

To request exterior door please contact tcscheduler@duke.edu or tcasfacilties@duke.edu.

Card Access

Review the General Access Card Policy of the Duke University Key and Access Policy.

Faculty and a limited number of staff may have 24/7 access to TCA&S buildings and classrooms. TCA&S Departments, Programs, Institutes, and Centers must review and update their faculty list each August and January making changes as needed. Teaching assistants must be either added or removed each semester. Faculty may have classroom access for preparation of classes, lectures and A/V training out of hours. Faculty classroom access does not take precedence over scheduled classes or replace reservations for meetings, lectures, and workshops.