Faculty Success Program Sponsorships

The Office of the Dean is pleased to sponsor faculty to participate in a signature program of the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity: the Faculty Success Program. Duke has an institutional membership in the NCFDD that gives faculty access to a wide range of resources and programs in addition to the Faculty Success Program. Visit the Office of Faculty Advancement site to unlock your individual membership: http://advancefaculty.duke.edu/mentoring/ncfdd

About the Program

The Faculty Success Program is a 12-week Bootcamp where you will learn to: 

  • Understand the common time challenges scholars face in balancing research, teaching, and service with home life
  • Avoid the most common time management mistakes faculty make
  • Develop a consistent daily writing routine to increase research productivity
  • Learn why and how to align work time with institutional priorities, personal values, and long-term goals
  • Develop a network of support and accountability for academic writing
  • Create a local network of mentors for long-term success

For more details: https://www.facultydiversity.org/fsp-bootcamp

There will be three sessions in 2018:

  1. Spring: January 21 – April 14, registration deadline December 1
  2. Summer: June – August 2018, registration occurring in April 2018
  3. Fall: August-November 2018, registration occurring in July 2018

Limited Number of Sponsorships Available

Tuition for the Faculty Success Program is $3,950. To encourage broad participation, the Dean’s Office will provide full tuition for two faculty members from each division (6 faculty members total) in 2018. Participants will be chosen through a competitive internal selection process managed by the A&S Council Faculty Council.

To Apply 

To be considered for funding for the 2018 sessions, please submit the following materials to Kacey Hammel (kacey.hammel@duke.edu) by November 17, 2017: 

  • Your CV
  • A brief statement (one page maximum) of what you expect to achieve through your participation in this program
  • The session you would like to participate: Spring, Summer or Fall 2018. 

Applicants will be notified of the internal selection decision by November 24, 2017.

2018 Faculty Success Program Sponsorships

  • Erdag Goknar, associate professor of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, to participate in Fall 2018
  • Ara Wilson, associate professor of Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, to participate in Spring 2018
  • Eve Puffer, assistant professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, to participate in Spring 2018
  • Nicole Barnes, assistant professor of History, to participate in Spring 2018
  • Amanda Hargrove, assistant professor of Chemistry, to participate in Spring 2018
  • Anne-Marie Makhulu, associate professor of Cultural Anthropology and African and African American Studies, to participate in Summer 2018
  • Gustavo Monteiro-Silva, assistant professor of Biology, to participate in Spring 2018

2016/17 Faculty Success Program Sponsorships


Elika Bergelson

Elika Bergelson, assistant professor, psych & neuro

"The NCFDD Faculty Success Program provided a great framework for thinking through productivity, what my goals are, and how my time matches my goals. I learned how to honestly track my time and effort and create data to get feedback on my ability to attain my goals with the time allotted. I received guidance and support on the various psychological and work-life balance hurdles that arise for faculty. I regularly dole out advice and strategies from the sessions to my colleagues, husband, and students. For instance, everyone in my lab this spring had to make a 'strategic plan' where they plan out week by week what they plan to accomplish. We check in on whether they're on track or not, knowing full well that humans are terrible estimators of how long things take the first couple of times they try it."

Sarah Gaither, assistant professor, psych & neuro

"The NCFDD Faculty Success Program helped highlight new ways to think about managing my time as a junior faculty member. The writing timers and accountability meetings were key in making me realize and adopt better plans for writing, and helped me learn to schedule my meetings throughout each day as well. It was great to have a soundboard outside of Duke and to get other views on new faculty experiences and goals. I think this program is great for faculty at any level, but particularly for new faculty who are trying to figure out what things to say no versus yes to. Additionally, the ability to get feedback from others in academia in an anonymous group setting each week is a space that I think made my fall semester much more manageable."


Sarah Gaither


Ellen McLarney

Ellen McLarney, associate professor, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

"I found the consciousness raising about time and productivity invaluable. The NCFDD Faculty Success Program is so focused on research productivity it led to a real explosion in creativity with respect to my work. But also I really basked in the pleasures of research and writing and felt a re-awakening of that drive. I loved the careful philosophical focus on issues of meaning and balance with respect to work and life. I needed that so much. The community is largely of women and I found that to be a really empowering positive experience for me. My small group of women scholars and mothers became a rock for me."

Roxanne Springer, professor of physics

"By far the best part of the NCFDD Faculty Success Program was the people I met in my so-called "small group."  We have remained in touch and have a meeting about once per month to go through the FSP modules again, to establish productive habits and extinguish bad habits. This is also helpful for establishing accountability -- an important part of the FSP program. I think for every Duke faculty member who participates in the FSP, we will be a little bit closer to growing a faculty of productive, mindful academics who are aware of their own actions as well as their impact on others."


Roxanne Springer


Tyson Brown

Tyson Brown, assistant professor of sociology

“Participating in the Faculty Success Program was incredibly useful—it provided me with evidence-based approaches for achieving excellence in scholarship and thriving in academia. FSP gave me a roadmap for enhancing my research productivity and quality by helping me set and achieve ambitious goals for research. Specifically, the program provided guidance on developing a strategic plan for my research agenda, on building a consistent daily writing routine, as well as tools for strengthening my publication profile. FSP helped me identify time management strategies that best align with both institutional priorities and my career goals. In addition to enhancing my personal writing practices and productivity, I have been able to share the best-practices that I learned in the program with others in a weekly writing accountability group I lead. I enthusiastically recommend the FSP to anyone interested in increasing their writing and research productivity!”