Finance & Administration

The Office of Finance and Administration (OFA) oversees the business operations of the departments and programs in Trinity College of Arts & Sciences (TCA&S), primarily through interaction with the chairs or directors and business managers or program coordinators. The policies and procedures outlined in this website provide specific direction applicable to the college's units, and as such they augment but do not supercede the overarching policies of Duke University.

The OFA articulates policies and procedures in three main functional areas:

Budget and Finance

The annual operating budget for Trinity College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of instructional and operating expenses for departments and programs as well as the school's central operational expenses. Budget activity involves preparing the financial plan for future fiscal year(s). Finance responsibilities include approving, tracking, and analyzing actual transactions in the current fiscal year. The OFA oversees budget and financial operations for compliance via electronic approval processes and reporting.

Departmental Operations

Departments and programs share common operational needs such as  establishing local policies, procuring goods and services, maintaining facilities and equipment, and managing academic affairs. The OFA provides guidance in establishing best practices in these operational areas.

HR and Payroll

Whether an individual is a faculty member teaching a class, a Post Doc conducting research, a staff member processing financial transactions, a graduate student grading papers, or an undergraduate student serving as a courier, each one must be engaged as an employee in an established position at Duke University and paid for the work performed. Human Resource (HR) activities manage the organizational structure and the characteristics of the positions as well as the performance of the individuals filling them. Payroll activities involve delivering compensation for work effort. Although there are policies common to the management of all types of personnel, each category of academic employee has specific procedures for administering positions and managing individuals. The OFA authorizes HR and Payroll activities through electronic and paper approval processes.