Finance & Administration

Policy for Non-Regular Rank Faculty: Approval & Compensation for Independent Study Courses


This policy defines how non-regular rank faculty members can be approved as instructors to mentor independent study, compensation for each independent study engagement, and the maximum number of students who can be mentored.


Non-Regular Rank faculty members may be approved to teach an independent study if requested by the Department Chair and approved by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Non-regular rank faculty may instruct no more than one independent study per semester, and no more than two independent study engagements per year. Note: An exception may be granted by the Dean of Academic Affairs with appropriate justification and approval of the Department Chair. However, the maximum number of students per independent study course is one (1).

Non-regular rank faculty members in the bargaining unit must be compensated for instructing independent study students. Compensation of $875 per independent study course will come from departmental funds. 

Payment Process

The non-regular rank faculty member and the student must complete the Independent Study Permission Form (Independent Study Permission Form ). After the permission form is completed and written approval is obtained from the Dean of Academic Affairs, the Departmental Business Manager will provide the non-regular rank faculty member with a letter outlining his compensation (Independent Study Letter of Compensation).  The Departmental Business Manager will also initiate a supplemental pay form in iForms, using departmental funds.