Research Development

Resources for PIs

Resources on Campus

  • The Office of Campus Research Development
  • Grant Toolkits: The Office of Campus Research Development curates toolkits for federally funded grants.
  • Office of Research Support: Duke ORS provides information about funding aopportunities and other general research resources applicable to all departments and schools on the campus side of Duke.
  • Foundation Relations: The Office of Foundation Relations (OFR) connects faculty with foundation funders. Their website has resources on the application process, FAQs, helpful guides, and more.

General Resources

  • PIVOT: Duke maintains a license for the Community of Science (COS) PIVOT tool, a database that researchers, research development staff, and administrators can use to identify sources of funding, funding opportunities, and potential internal/external collaborators.
  • Repository of federal grants. Also includes applicant resources like applicant eligibility criteria, application trackers, and more.