Research Development

Support Services

The Office of Research Development can provide the following pre-award services for your next proposal. Please contact Carmel Lee, Director of Research Opportunities for more information.

  1. Review solicitations for large and multi-investigator requests, identify key required features, and work with PI to establish proposal development timelines.
  • Provide customized and tailored templates
  • Develop compliance matrix to ensure no requirements are missed
  • Draft proposal schedule to establish interim milestones that will reduce last-minute panic and increase time for review and rewrites
  1. Assist in team development and support, including scheduling and logistics for meetings (working in conjunction with the lead PI)
  • Assist with outreach to external collaborators/subcontractors
  • Work with your administrative support personnel to ensure meetings are effective
  1. Strategize best ways to frame project ideas in the context of funder goals and mission
  • Work with you to refine your Specific Aims, Project Goals, and other reviewer-centric documents to increase your chance of funding
  1. Support budget development
  • Work with your department’s grant manager on budget preparation and application logistics to ensure ORS approval
  1. Research and write (or co-write) non-technical proposal sections
  • Collect and format biosketches, current and pending/other support, budget justifications, facilities and equipment, and management approaches
  1. Edit and format proposal and prepare file(s) for submission
  • Apply years of experience editing hundreds of federal proposals in sciences, engineering and IT
  • Understand federal proposal requirements and ensure compliance

Large Scale, Multi-Institution or Multi-Department Proposals

Some large proposals require extensive interaction with industry partners, ranging from letters of support to full-blown involvement in research. Research Development support includes working closely with both Duke Corporate and Foundation Relations professionals to identify appropriate industry contacts, gather letters, help negotiate research agreements, and maintain appropriate communications with industry representatives. Ongoing communication between Research Development and Corporate and Foundation Relations ensures that Duke’s research agenda is forwarded to those external partners who have the greatest interest in collaboration.