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Working with the DoD 2017

This video is the entire 3+ hour workshop held on June 26, 2017.  The workshop focused on the Army, with a talk from ARO Program Manager Pani Varanasi (at 44:15). There are two panels: the first (at 1:03:00) featuring ARO insiders, Pani Varanasi and April Brown, and multiple YIP winner, Maiken Mikkelsen; and the second (at 2:28:00) featuring successfully funded DoD investigators, John Harer and Tim Veldman.

Working with the DoD 2014

The US Department of Defense (DoD) funds a wide range of biomedical, social, natural, and environmental science and engineering research. In this video from our workshop on September 2014, former DARPA Program Managers, successfully funded Duke researchers, and other experts share their experiences of working with the DoD. 

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DoD Workshop: Part I Overview

DOE Funding Workshop - Overview of Agencies Part II

DARPA Program Manager Talk

Panel Discussion #1 IARPA & DARPA

Panel Discussion #2 DOD


NSF CAREER Award Workshop

In this video, from a workshop held in June 2014, winners of NSF CAREER (Faculty Early Career Development Program) awards talk about the program and share insight in how to apply for the awards. The workshop was organized into two parts: an overview of the program, and a panel discussion with a question and answer period. The panel discussion covered do's and don'ts of interacting with programs managers before and after the award, lessons learned from unsuccessful applications, educational and outreach components and how those feed into all future NSF applications, and how the CAREER awards shaped the panel members careers.

Video: Overview of NSF CAREER Award Program (Duke NetID login required)

Video: Panel Discussion on NSF CAREER Awards (Duke NetID login required)