Teaching Support

Duke does not have a centralized faculty instructional support unit. Such support is distributed across various units in the university.

Duke Learning Innovation

Duke Learning Innovation can help you explore and evaluate innovative ways to use technology and new pedagogies in several ways, including:

  • consulting to discuss and plan new teaching, learning and technology projects
  • fostering communication and collaboration among instructors through programs like our Faculty Fellows
  • providing funding and support to instructors who want to explore new teaching approaches or technologies
  • experimenting with, and evaluating, new teaching technologies and teaching/learning approaches
  • building Duke’s eLearning infrastructure
  • sharing our knowledge with the Duke community and beyond

Duke Libraries

Duke Libraries supports faculty research and course development and delivery in several ways.

Course Support - See http://library.duke.edu/course-support

Teaching Support - See http://library.duke.edu/services/faculty

  • Library Instruction

  • Rubenstein Library Instruction

  • Lily Reserves, including film

Language, Arts & Media Program

The Duke Language, Arts and Media Program (LAMP) focuses on building strong, contemporary communication skills in our students, and providing pedagogy mentoring and resources for faculty members. LAMP offers individual consultations to faculty members to discuss challenges with and concerns about teaching, particularly assignment design, integrating and experimenting with written work, oral presentations and critical use of media. It also offers a year-long workshop series for faculty selected to be Bacca Felows. And the program offers financial support for pedagogy experimentation. Website: lamp.duke.edu.

Course Assessment

Trinity Office of Assessment managed the course assessment for the college, and can provide orientation on our online process. See URL.