Teaching & Leadership Awards Nominations

Faculty Recognition

Faculty are recognized for their contributions in many ways, but Trinity College of Arts & Sciences specifically recognizes teaching and research excellence through annual awards. Such awards are announced in the spring.In addition, faculty are recognized for eminence in their fields through endowed and distinguished professorships.

Teaching Awards

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences will recognize teaching excellence in each of the Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences divisions. These awards affirm professors’ commitment to teaching over time and a willingness to invest substantial effort in meeting the school’s instructional needs. Winning faculty will receive a $5,000 prize. See previous award winners.


  • Regular & non-regular rank faculty


Evaluation criteria:

  • encourages intellectual excitement
  • fosters critical inquiry in the classroom, lab or studio
  • integrates teaching and research
  • communicates well with students
  • demonstrates responsiveness to students
  • successfully mentors and engages students in the process of discovery

Diversity Award

This award recognizes how diversity drives excellence in research, teaching, advising, mentoring and service. Trinity College offers one award of $5,000.


  • Faculty, graduate students & staff

Evaluation criteria:

  • Effort has advanced Duke's excellence

Leadership Award

This award recognizes leadership through a distinctive contribution to research, teaching and service. Trinity College offers one award of $5,000.


  • Individual or a team

Evaluation criteria:

  • Impact in research, teaching or service

Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (ADUTA)

ADUTA is the only teaching award at Duke bestowed entirely by students. Duke's Alumni Association (DAA) works with a randomly selected group of undergraduates to solicit nominations from the student body. The DAA participates as facilitator. A student selection committee makes the choice. 

The award recognizes professors who are original, creative, and clear in their approach to the classroom; and who foster an environment for learning that promotes intellectual curiosity, personal growth and achievement. They are driven to stay abreast of current research and development in their field to keep the teaching experience informative and make learning applicable. See previous award winners.

University Scholar/Teacher of Year Award

The award recognizes an outstanding faculty member for his or her dedication and contribution to the learning arts and to the institution.  All deans make one nomination from each school, and then an ad hoc committee makes the final selection. See previous award winners.

Award for Excellence for Teaching and Writing

The Duke University Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing recognizes exceptionally strong teachers of academic writing.  The award is made possible by the generosity of the Karen Blumental and Scott McCartney Endowment. See previous award winners.