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Add a Course

Most sites have two kinds of Course information — semester-specific courses and an “All Courses” view.

Semester-specific courses come from a direct feed, so you do not need to add this information. It will be added for you before each semester.

“All Courses” data is manually entered. So if your department adds a new course that has never been offered, you need to put this course on your site. Also, if a course will no longer be offered, you can delete this course. (Note, if a course is just not offered this semester, but may be offered again later, do NOT delete it.)

Adding a Course to “All Courses”

  1. Log in to your site
  2. In the upper tool bar, select Content > Add Content > Course
  3. Complete the following information:
  • Course Title — this is the name of the course, NOT the number
  • Course Description — this explains what the course teaches
  • Course Number — this the Department abbreviation and course number (e.g. AMES 154)
  • Course Level — scroll down to the category that matches the course number
  • Crosslisting Numbers — if the course is also offered under a different department name/number add it here. If there are multiple crosslistings, just put one in the box, then click “Add another item” to list the second, etc.
  • Curriculum Codes — click the appropriate codes
  • Course Categories — most sites have this section. This is where you can distinguish the course as “Featured” and/or click other departmental specific categories
  • Course Image — not required, but if you make the course “Featured” it’s a good idea to have an image appear within the “Featured Courses” block

    4. Click “Save”

Note: to gather information for Course Description, Crosslistings and Curriculum Codes, you can use the University Bulletin at the Registrar site (