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Add a Home Page Feature Slide Image or Inside Page Banner Image

Most sites have a large image(s) at the top of the Home Page. For most sites, these are created with the Feature Slide content type. Also many sites have large images that stretch along with top of pages within their sites. These are created with the Page Banner content type. Although they are created with different content types and have slightly different sizes, the way to add these are very similar. You do this by:

  1. Log in to your site
  2. In the upper tool bar, select Content > Add Content > Feature Slide (or Page Banner Image for the inside top photos)
  3. Complete the information requested:
  • Title — this is required, however the name will not appear on the page
  • Image — click “Choose File” to find the image you want to add, then click “Upload”. If the image does not meet the size requirements, you will get a warning notification. If it does meet the requirements, you will see the image appear (as a small image as well as a larger image)
    • Note, at this point you can crop the photo to highlight what you want to appear on your page. Simply click inside the large photo and a rectangular box will appear. You can stretch the box to select what you want shown

For Feature Slides

  • Slide Link — not required; however, you can add a URL here and that makes the photo a link to whatever URL you listed
  • Slide Caption — not required; however, you can place text at the bottom of your photo by typing it in here

For Page Banner Images

  • Click the “Where to Display This Content” tab at the top
  • In the “Page Reference” field, begin typing the Title of the of where you want the image to appear, and select it
  1. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page