Technology Services

Add a Photo to a Page

  1. Log in to your site
  2. Click the “Edit” tab of an existing page, or add a new page via "Add content > Basic page"
  3. Put your cursor in the Body field where you’d like the photo to be placed (for example, if you want it aligned with the first paragraph, place your cursor before the first word in the first paragraph)
  4. Click the Image icon  in the tool bar. The “Image Properties” pop-up window will appear.
  5. Click the “Browse Server” button to locate the photo you want to insert. This opens the File Browser window that shows all the files you’ve already added to the site. You may select one of these, or upload a different image. If you are using one already in the system, skip steps 6-8; otherwise proceed to step 9.
  6. To upload a new image, click “Upload” in the upper left corner. In the “File” pop-up that appears, click “Choose File”. This takes you to the files on your computer.
  7. Find the image you want to upload, click on it, then click “Open”. You will see the file name in the small “File” pop-up window.
  8. Click “Upload” button within the "File" pop-up window to complete the upload process.
  9. Click "Insert file"
  10. The “Image Properties” window allows you to change the dimensions and alignment of the image. When changing the “Width” or “Height” for the photo, the other dimension will automatically set based on the aspect ratio. (Note, you may want to start with a size, such as “Width” 300 and adjust it later to fit your page.); select the alignment for the photo — whether you want it before the text begins (at left) or aligned with text but on the far right (at right)
  11. In the "Alternative Text" field, insert a description of what the photo shows. This step is mandatory to meet Duke Web Accessibility Guidelines.
  12. If you wish to include a caption, check the “Captioned image” box
  13. Click “OK” and the photo will appear in the Body text box
  14. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page to see how the photo will appear to your site visitors

If, after you review your page, you decide you want to adjust the photo:

  1. Simply go back into “Edit”
  2. Right-click on the photo, and select "image Properties".
  3. You can adjust the size, placement, caption and alt text of your photo, then click "OK"
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page