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All apostrophe websites now include a blog in its tool set.  The blog can be used for department news, announcements, discussions and community outreach originating out of the college, department, or program website.  It also generates an RSS that visitors can subscribe to.

Blog: Basic Overview



Learn how to create a blog, add news posts, edit, and publish

Time: 5:00 min

Setting up your blog

The blog is available as a page template type.  In order to start your blog you will need to designate the location of where you would like to place it. 

Step one: Go to the location of where you would like to place your blog (ie Top navigation item or under News & Events section)

Step two: Create a new page and Choose "Page Type Blog"

Step three:  You are now ready to start adding news posts

Managing a blog

To manage your blog simply click on the blog icon at the top of the tool menu.  You can search and manage all of your news posts in one location.

Deleting or removing your blog

Option one: Hide the blog by turning "off" the page in your page settings window.  You can then always turn it back "on" when ready to use it at a later time. This method is preferred.

Option two: Delete the blog by deleting the page and all instances of the blog from your website.

More blog options:

If you need more than one blog for your department website.  You can set up free blogs at

To incorporate them into your website find the RSS feed and upload it into Tubes