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Converting a flyer to a feature slide

If you are given a PDF of a flyer and asked to use it as a feature slide, you will probably find that the aspect ratio (the proportional relationship between width and height) of the flyer is not compatible with that of the image required by the feature slide. In these cases, the best course of action is to take elements from the flyer and create a new image that matches the dimensions of the feature slide (typically 960 x 400 pixels). Doing so does require access to and some familiarity with image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, or assistance from the person responsible for creating the original flyer.

For example, given the following flyer:

Sample flyer

One could use choice elements to create the following image:

Feature slide image

By using the 'Caption' field for the flyer details when creating the feature slide, the result would be:

Feature slide with caption

As with any other feature slide, you could link this feature slide to another page with additional details.