Technology Services


TTS can consult and provide technical guidance for using technology in the classroom and even provide access to that technology for professors and students to use during a class semester
What TTS cannot do:
  • Offer in-class technology support
  • Teach a workshop specifically for a class
When TTS provides access to a technology for the classroom use, the technology will be available for only the semester in which requested, unless longer access is needed and approved by TTS.
Please contact for help with doing a digital project in the classroom. If you are looking to try out a new digital tool in your teaching, TTS also offers a pilot program.
  • In Fall 2015, Dr. Victoria Szabo, Associate Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies in Art, Art History, and Visual Studies and Program and Lab Director in Information Science + Studies, used Geonode in her Historical and Cultural Visualization Promseminar 1 to teach students how to georectify historical maps. Here is an example product from the class:
  • In Fall 2016, Dr. Kristin Lanzoni, Instructor in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, utilized Neatline in her Italian Baroque Art course to trace the development of the Italian baroque in architecture, sculpture and painting. Here’s a link to the site: In Spring 2017, Dr. Alicia Jimenez, Assistant Professor in Classical Studies, also used Neatline in her Roman Spectacle course to map and visualize forms of public entertainment in the Roman World. The site can be found here: