Technology Services

Website Editing

We have designated a number of people throughout Trinity College of Arts & Sciences as content editors. To help these editors better maneuver the Drupal content management system (CMS), the short tutorials below should be the first step in identifying how to make a change/edit to their website.

Please note that although all our sites are similar, there are variations in content types and structure. Therefore, some of the instruction below may not be relevant to a particular site. If you are a site editor and your question is not addressed below or the solution appears to not work for you, please contact the Trinity Technology Support at

Understanding basic Drupal concepts and terminology
Common Web Terminology
The Editing Interface
Rich Text Editor
Editing Tips & Tricks
Where are my changes?!?
Working with Existing Content
Adding New Content
Working with Media & Files
Editing Unique Content
Editing Course Data
Working with Users
Department Member Pages
Creating a Redirect