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Editor Tips & Tricks

  • For every Drupal site we support, there is a staging where you can try things out without affecting the live, public-facing site. To access your staging site, simply add -staging or -staging.trinity to your live web address, for example:
Public Site Staging site

If you find you cannot access or login to your staging site, please contact

  • Enter starts a new paragraph; Shift + Enter starts a new line (i.e. a line break)
  • It is not necessary to highlight an entire line to change its format (e.g. Heading 2): simply place your cursor anywhere in the line and select a new format.
  • Use the HTML explorer at the bottom of the editor window to select the text you want to target.
  • Use the Maximize button to enlarge the editing window; click it a second time to return the window to its original size.
  • Double-clicking certain elements will invoke the appropriate dialog (Link, Image Properties, etc.).
  • It is generally best practice to size and crop images before adding them.
  • If you are familiar with HTML, it can sometimes be quicker to make certain edits using the Source view.
  • Each time you save your changes, a new version is created – use revisioning to restore a previous version.