Technology Services

Interactive Computer Classrooms

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences maintains six interactive computer classroom (ICCs), or classrooms equipped with student workstations, an instructor console, course-specific software, and specialized multimedia equipment:

ICCs are currently scheduled by the Registrar's Office, with priority in scheduling determined by the needs of the course. Use of the Arts Warehouse Multimedia Lab is prioritized for digital art and music courses.

Reservations for semester-long courses

Trinity College Arts & Sciences [TCA&S] classroom reservations for semester-long courses are processed and coordinated through the Duke University Registrar procedures. We make every effort to prioritize academic room assignments based on the technical and space requirements of the course but we do not guarantee repeat assignments to specific ICC teaching spaces. When requesting space assignments, please provide detailed information on your technical and space needs so appropriate space can be assigned.

Reservations for one-time use

Trinity College Arts & Sciences [TCA&S] classroom reservations for meetings and events are processed through the TCA&S Facilities Office by the Trinity College Scheduler.  Please submit your request using Duke University's 25LIVE web scheduling tool.


If you have questions about the ICCs, please write to

OIT Computer Labs

OIT computer labs can also be reserved for your class. See: